Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

To meet demands of our customers;

  • Identifying expectations of our customers from quality activities and rules in our system to meet these expectations.
  • Offering our services compliant with conditions in technical and administrative specifications and our liabilities in related regulations.
  • Presenting our application and knowledge on quality to our undertakers, control organisation officials, our field visitors and guests.
  • Monitoring developments in quality and constantly improving our management system. achieving dynamic and efficient structure.
  • Development and branding of our company can be achieved with our infrastructure and financial opportunities as well as knowledge and experience of our employees.
  • Therefore, constant training to increase skills and experience of our employees is our indispensable activities.
  • Our activities are conducted under related laws and related legislations.
  • Minimum energy and natural resource consumption while completing our undertakings.
  • Separating and re-using recyclable waste. Disposing waste without harming the environment.
  • Identifying all possible dangers while completing our undertakings, taking necessary precautions, being prepared for emergency, changing work technique when necessary,
  • Taking great care of existence and safety of all elements defined in all software and hardware environment. Supplying necessary resource, infrastructure and personnel need for all assets on-time and simultaneously.

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