About Us

About Us

Speed Dış Ticaret is in Sultanbeyli district of Asian side in İstanbul and the company is active in automotive, real-estate, foreign trade and special purposed consumer sector. With experienced team and foreign project partners, our company closely follows technological changes and offers original products to customers in domestic and international market. Additionally, our company supplies all types of vehicles, spare parts and subsidiary products.

Our Vision

  • Reliable, strong, reputable
  • Management system with customer focus
  • Absorbed total quality manufacturing approach
  • Constantly updating technology
  • Ensuring continuity in our service with “global” and expanded export network
  • Being a LEADER in our field

Our Mission

  • High efficiency with highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Sensitive towards innovations and development around the world
  • Informing customers correctly about the sector
  • Offering consultancy to customers in all fields
  • Creating self-development environment to employees
  • Principles, transparent and sharing with participants

Our Management Team


More than 18 years since our establishment, our firm continues to operate in foreign trade sector with extensive knowledge.


I wish that 2018 will be a successful year for our country, company, customers and shareholders and I present my love and respects.

    2010 yılında faaliyete başlayan firmamız, otomotiv, alım satım, Dış Ticaret konularında tecrübesi, hassasiyeti ve ilkeleri ile müşteri memnuniyetini ön planda tutarak, en iyi en uygun imkanları sizlere sunabilmenin bilincini kendine görev edinmiştir.


    Adil Mahallesi, Vahdet Caddesi, Yamanlar Sokağı No: 1/1 Posta Kodu: 34935 Sultanbeyli, İstanbul, Türkiye


    +90 216 592 7433